Bella Cole from

BareFootManiacs Bella Cole

With amazing, tattooed, size nine feet, Bella Cole is one of our favorite foot models. When our guy saw her walk in barefoot, he rushed to her feet to rub them. He was so eager to suck each and every one of her perfect little toes. Bella’s feet are beautifully decorated with three star tattoos on top, showing off the beauty of her sexy feet. After her feet have been lubed up, she gives him an amazing foot job, driving him mad. Then she rests her feet on his face, shoving her toes into his mouth. With the guy putty in her hands, Bella Cole takes advantage with a little trampling, pressing her feet into his chest. The smile on his face says everything you need to know; he’s in heaven. Further taking advantage of the moment, she climbed onto his lap to get a good ride out of the experience, and he was more than happy to oblige her, continuing the romp with her on all fours.

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Jennifer Dark – Bare Foot Maniacs

BareFootManiacs Jennifer Dark

I love some hot feet, and Jennifer Dark has some of the smallest, dainty feet I’ve ever seen. It’s difficult not to get hard at the site of them. Even better, she seems to hate wearing shoes. Either that or she loves teasing men with her feet. Watching her get hot and horny while her toes are being sucked is a sight to behold. Every man is grateful to have them in his mouth, and they are usually rewarded with one killer foot job. How can any man resist? Jennifer is more than happy to have a good fuck after some foot play. She was eager to suck on the cock she just had her feet on and then bend over to get her little pussy fucked. Then she climbs on top, shoving her feet into that man’s thighs, for a great ride. I can only imagine what it’s like to cum on those beautiful feet after the soles have used to jack me off.


Madison Parker – BareFootManiacs

BareFoot Maniacs Madison

We love sweet, little Madison Parker. She and her beautiful size six feet stopped by and gave our guy the ride of his life. While we waited on him, we did some solo stuff, letting her prove her skills on her silver vibrator. We were convinced by the time our guy got there, and she was ready right away. As soon as he came in the door, her feet were in his mouth, and he was deep throating her pretty toes. As a reward, Madison lubed up his cock and stroked him with her feet. His hardon just couldn’t be contained, and she was more than happy to slide his hard rod into her mouth, sucking it for us while she showed off her feet. She’s such a tease. Horny little Madison didn’t have to tease much longer, he flipped her onto her knees and slid his cock inside her with one fast stroke. She was loving it, rubbing her feet while he worked his manhood inside her. These two couldn’t get enough of each other.

Taylor Daye from Bare Foot Maniacs

Taylor from BareFoot Maniacs

We love Taylor Daye in this hot foot fetish content. She shows off her feet for awhile, then you can watch her lick and suck cock, give foot jobs, and even lick her own toes. She loves the foot rub she gets along with the long, slow pussy licking. She has such pretty slender feet and long, perfectly painted toes. Her feet slide up and down a cock expertly. There’s no doubt Taylor has done this before, since she gets so hot when her feet are played with. The guy gives as good as he gets, taking the time to suck on her French manicured toes one by one. Her foot play gets the guy so hot he takes her pretty pink pussy then and there. Both Taylor and Billy have quite a foot fetish, it seems. I hope to see much more of them in the future when I’m craving some foot fun.